martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Trip to Italy

Dear diary,
The last adventure I have done has been a wonderful trip to Italy; it has been special because I have been with all my classmates and friends, so it was different from the ordinary holidays on the beach with my parents.
This trip wasn’t perfect, but thanks to it I have known one more country in the world, so, that makes me happy.
Anyway, everything began on the night of 23rd of March two thousand and twelve. The nerves were the protagonist the previous hours, but finally, at eleven o’ clock we said goodbye to our parents in order to visit Italy. I still can see the sadness in my little sister’s eyes, because she had to sleep alone for one week and that made me feel so sad.
After a night without sleeping, among loud music, jokes and smiles, we arrived at Barajas, the airport’s controls were exhausting but finally we could fly away around half past seven in the morning.
Once in Italy I felt like in an other world, I could breathe a different air, like an other atmosphere, I think that it must be a common thing when you travel, that feeling was amazing!
The first stop was Verona, Romeo and Juliet’s town;  it wasn’t too big, but I think that was one of the best towns in Italy, streets were beautiful and ice creams delicious! Although I wanted to stay there, we had to go to the hotel, were we had dinner: pasta and we fell asleep soon. Ready for the second day?                  
The second day we were in Venice, it was like... wooooooow!  The water was everywhere, I haven’t words to describe it! It was my favourite town, lots of people, delicious food, and different cultures. We paid for a walk in a gondola and we could see some beautiful streets that seemed like floods.
In the followings days we visited cities like Florence; Pisa, where we took the typical photo holding the tower; Siena; and finally Rome, although that was the worst day because it was raining!                                              
The last day we visited Vatican, it was really boring because I don’t like either churches or priests, so I didn’t listen to the tourist guide very much.
At last we took the plane and we went back Spain, honestly I hoped that this trip would change my life, but it didn´t. I liked more London, but anyway, this trip has been amusing and I have laughed too much! So, at my fifteen years I expect to continue knowing the world, cultures, people and particularly new experiences to be able to add to my memory.

                             Belén Montilla Cabezas 4ºA

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