lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

¨MÁS IMÁGENES DEL CONCURSO 1,2,3 in English it's.....

Here you are a few more pictures!
We hope you enjoy them!

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  1. oh 1,2,3 in english its was fantastic because some of my classmates were contestants in this game and I had a great time watching them play against the teachers.The game was good but some questions that they made to contestants were dificult but the best part was when teacher claudia was surprised that teacher mariana knew many words in English.
    by:raquel villen moreno

  2. The competition was very good, I liked very much
    but I don´t like my face in the pictures :S
    The blog is very good,very interesting, but there should be more pictures of 3 ESO.

  3. I really liked this activity because it was very fun.The game ended too soon but it was very interesting.
    We have to do it again.
    By: almudena montes

  4. This is a very interested competition and we really enjoyed this time.
    We have to do this the next year in 4th of ESO.
    By: Jose Bracero Malagon

  5. Oh my god, The winners!! hahaha
    It was great! it wasn´t very dificult to win the teachers, I´m sorry teachers!
    Say hello to the champions
    It´s was a joke! Don´t fail me, please haaha
    It was realy interesting, Thank you for all :)
    By: Belén Montilla